How To Teach Kids Phone Manners


One of the things kids are fascinated with is the telephone. They just love running to the phone when it rings. They’re amazed with the fact that there’s a voice at the other line. It’s just something so magical for them that they want to pick it up when it rings. Such is the reason why it’s best to teach kids phone manners. Blogger and freelance writer, Kelli Robinson, has some useful tips for parents.

Integrate Proper Phone Behavior During Play Time

According to Kelli Robinson, there’s no exact age as to when it’s right to teach kids proper phone behavior. Just like potty training, it’s really up to the parents to decide as to when it’s time to learn. After all, parents are the first ones to know as to when their kid is ready for some real conversation.

But on the other hand, it really wouldn’t hurt to introduce simple ways to say “hello” on a play phone. Kids usually receive a play phone as a gift. Parents can use this particular toy to slowly introduce simple phone behavior. Hence, they can integrate simple phone behavior during play time.

Do Some Role Plays

Parents should take some time out to role play with their kids. Taking some time out to simulate a phone conversation during play time is a good bonding activity. Parents can connect two cans with a string to simulate a simple phone communication. There are really many ways to make the role plays fun.

Practice Conversing

No kid is too young to practice conversing. The best place to practice conversing
is at home. Getting everybody in the family to converse smartly with the kid is a good way to build confidence.

Emphasize Safety And Politeness

Proper phone behavior is not just about being pleasant. Kids should be taught about safety on the telephone as well. They should know what kind of information to give out. Even if the person on the other line is someone very close to the family, kids should be taught how to limit the information they share over the phone. Most importantly, parents should always remind their kids to tell them about each and every phone call they answer.

At the same time, politeness on the telephone should also be emphasized. Kids should be taught how to talk politely on the telephone. Their tone of voice should reflect politeness. At the same time, they should also be taught on how to use the right words on the phone. Words such as “may” and “please” should be emphasized. Nothing beats hearing a kid say, “May I know who’s on the line please?” Kids should also learn how to properly address the person on the other line. These are simple but impressive ways to show politeness on the telephone.

Be A Good Role Model

The best way to teach is by modeling the proper behavior. So no matter how much parents teach their kids, it really wouldn’t be effective if they don’t model the proper behavior themselves.

Yelling on the telephone is definitely not the right thing to do; more so banging down the telephone in despair. Parents should be careful with their own actions on the telephone. Kids learn more from actions than words.

Since the kids are fascinated with the telephone, it’s easier to teach them the proper phone behavior. Their curiosity and excitement with the telephone will definitely help them learn faster. Hence, parents should take advantage of their kid’s curiosity and make sure they learn all the proper ways to use a telephone.

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  1. Mark Adams says:

    I think we should do more than just teach our kids phone manners. With the onset of mobile phones, we need to also teach them about the dangers of texting and talking to strangers.

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