Tapping The Creative Juices Of Our Kids


Cute little creations! They’re all displayed in every corner of our house. My son is at that stage where he’s creating things. He comes up with cute little creations everyday. It can be a drawing, a painting, you name it. The sky’s the limit with his imagination.

Encouraging Creativity

My son is at that age where he’s curious. He grabs a pen and doodles. He grabs his pair of scissors and cuts pieces of paper. He grabs his crayons and creates a collage of colorful … (I have no idea what they are.)

We’re all living in a high tech world nowadays. There’s hardly any room for imagination. Everything is given to us on a silver platter. The virtual world has become a reality for us. Such is the reason why we should encourage creativity. We have to give importance to the thoughts and ideas of our kids. And we have to do it now. If we don’t, they won’t bother to stretch their creative thinking. They’ll just be bystanders in this amazing world we live in.

We just can’t surrender our kids to the convenience of the digital world. They might take it for granted. We need to encourage them to think and create. So if it’s a doodle on paper, appreciate it. If it’s a discovery online, take time to listen to it. As parents, we should be there for them.

It won’t be easy to understand the creativity of our kids. In my case, I struggle a lot. There are times when my son’s creativity is outright funny. But no matter how much I struggle. I listen. I make him talk about his creation.

Looking Beyond The Clutter

Suffice to say, I’ve a wide collection of priceless art pieces. They’re all displayed in every corner of our house. There are paintings and doodles on the wall. There are storage boxes made out of paper mache. There are also small little dishes for keys and what-nots. My son has discovered the magic of scissors, tape, and paper. From there, he creates what ever he wants.

I must admit. It’s a lot cheaper than getting him Lego. I can just get him a bunch of papers. And he’s off to his creative world of wonders. (I’m always wondering what he’s creating!) But I do enjoy seeing him create things out of such simple materials.

And yes, he makes a mess. A big, big mess! But I just really need to look beyond the clutter. I guess it’s all part of parenting.
Appreciating The Little Things

I do appreciate everything my son creates. Amidst the clutter and the mess, I take time to appreciate. That’s why all his creations are always on display. I’m hoping that excites his creative juices.

But there’s this one thing I notice. When he sees his works and creations on display, he talks about them. He describes them to me. In the days that pass, he even enhances them. (Although I can never tell the difference.)

But the point is this. He’s expanding and expressing his thoughts and ideas. He’s not ashamed of them. I know that’s important. I’m not a doctor or anything. But I do know that that simple act stretches his mind to think. If that can make him more creative, then that’s pretty good.

There are more than one ways to tap the creative juices of our kids. As parents, we need to explore as many ways as we can. We need all the help that we can get. Kids nowadays have more creative juices than us. The world they’re living in is literally limitless. Sure, we thought that way when we were growing up. But back then; the word limitless was a figurative speech. Now, it’s a reality. As parents, we need to make our kids realize this. That’s why we need to tap their creative juices.

Our kids are moving in a world of limitless opportunities. They should take advantage of it. They’ll surely realize this once their creative juices start spilling.